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ABiLiTieS Trust | Corporate Services

ABiLiTieS Trust | Corporate Services

ABiLiTieS Trust | Corporate Services can support you with the set up of your company in the Netherlands. Our experienced Amsterdam team helps you with the incorporation of the Dutch company and its registration with the trade register and tax authorities. Your company can be incorporated and registered within a week time.

Which services are provided?

Under its trust license it can provide holding companies and other special purpose vehicles with:

  • directorship
  • registered office address
  • accounting
  • bookkeeping
  • tax filings
  • legal and secretarial
  • salary administration
  • work permits and expat services. 

Why choose for the formation of a company in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands offers an:

  • divers and innovative business climate
  • well educated personnel
  • good schools
  • attractive place to live
  • location in the heart of West Europe.

Contact us

Make a good start with the set up of your business in the Netherlands. Our team of legal and accounting specialists is available for an introduction call or answering any questions by email. Contact us to request a free quote. We will respond within 24 hours.

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